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Meet Corliss Archer - The Archers Get a Maid

Published 1954

In this episode of the 1950s short-lived sitcom "Meet Corliss Archer", the all-American family gets a maid, and hilarity ensues. Please excuse mediocre picture quality.

Run time 26 minutes 3 seconds
Production Company Ziv Television Productions
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White


Reviewer: Alicia Liu - - August 21, 2014
Subject: AXL/110 Review of Meet Corliss Archer
Meet Corliss Archer is an American comedy sitcom that aired briefly from April 28, 1954 to December of 1954. It was an adaptation of the Meet Corliss Archer radio program that ran from 1943 to 1956, which grew out of a magazine series titled A Private Affair written by F. Hugh Herbert in the early 40s. Based on this short story series, Meet Corliss Archer captures and chronicles the teenage years of Corliss Archer (played by Ann Baker), a vivacious blond 15-year-old, as she balances her high school life, her relationship with boyfriend Dexter Franklin, and her life at home with her lovable but clueless parents Harry and Janet Archer.

This television program transitioned from radio to television during radio’s Golden Age, as did many shows of the time. It was produced by Frederick W. Ziv alongside Eddie Davis and Herbert L. Strock at ZIV Television Programs and broadcasted in black and white first on CBS, and then as a syndicated television show. One distinctive feature of the show was its sporadic cuts of comic-book-type cartoon drawings accompanied by narration weaved into the scenes to illustrate the current situation of each episode.

The target audience of this television program was teenagers and young adults. It explored the daily worries, excitements, interactions, and lifestyle of a teenager living in the typical American family in episodes ranging from 22-25 minutes. In this particular episode, Harry, Corliss's father, hires a maid to help out his wife, Janet. The maid, however, turns out to be surprisingly unpleasant, making for a unexpectedly comedic addition to the Archer household. Overall, the television series was much less successful and short lived, having only 39 episodes and 1 season. However, Meet Corliss Archer found success in spanning through many entertainment mediums, going from the radio to a stage play to a movie to the television, and eventually to a comic strip.